About Us

Entrepreneurial Spirit Empowering Economic Development

The McAdenville Economic Development and Community Enrichment Plan is the result of a private-public partnership between Pharr Yarns and the Town of McAdenville. Unlike any other economic development effort in the country, McAdenville’s growth is being nurtured with an entrepreneurial spirit of collaboration and dedication to a thoughtfully conceived plan and vision. The town’s plan was conceived through the joint effort and investment of town government, corporate, economic development and citizen leadership.

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Pharr Yarns / Belmont Land Holdings.

Decisions Made Easy:

Unique to the development efforts is the ease in which decisions can be made due to numerous layers being eliminated compared to the typical commercial, mixed-use or residential development initiative. Instead of bureaucracy, you get answers with action backed by a can-do attitude. Instead of red tape and delays, you will be welcomed with assistance and incentives to bring your perfectly suited project to fruition.


Making Things Happen
“As we begin to share this unique town vision for residential and commercial retail development, prospects are amazed by the lack of layers that a developer or builder would typically need to navigate through to get a project off the ground. McAdenville is truly unique in having private and public partners that are invested and agile in facilitating making things happen. The lack of red tape has been and will continue to be a real advantage.”

Bob Clay, Clay Realty Advisors,
Coldwell Banker MECA